vrijdag 2 september 2011

[friday] kiki & lala (little twin stars) bento

kiki & lala 

thin puff pastry 

cut out the head  (sounds a little cannibalistic don't you think ? :P) 

then bake it (kiki's head savory, lala's head sweet
it's funny to see them bake becouse it wil kinda grow ! 


sweet rice (i used a little vanilla and sugar) cooked in whith a white theabag (white thea has lot's of good things)

yellow paprika 
(forgot to make a picture, but it kinda looked like this...)

star shaped egg

make kiki's hair (i used smoked salmon, but any pinkish meat will do)
and lala's hair out of fondant. 
put eyes and a mouth on their faces and you have a star of a bento ! 

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