zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

[friday] bento in a cup ! [how to]

I forgot to blog this yesterday ;) 
Hello everybody, 
Don't you just love those instant noodles ? 
This how to/ tuttorial is gonna show you how to use them for bento ! 
What you wil need : 

-An empty noodle cup

- Some cardboard 
- Cling film/ plastic foil 
- The things you want in you'r bento ;)

What do you want in your bento ? 
Think about how many things you want in your bento, and put the top of the cup on the cardbourd an draw a line against the sides of the cup, and cut out circles. (First time i used the bottom part of the cup and they got a litle to smal) Of course you can cut it smaller if it's to big. Pack the circles in cling film (Like you do with presents).

 and you can start filling the bento ! First put the thing you like the most in the cup - keep in mind how many other layers you have to fill. Now put a cardbourd with cling film circle on top of the first layer, and put the thing you like second best on top of the cardbourd circle, and go on like this until the cup is full - and you'r done ! 

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